The Travels of Blundercam – PEACE IN OUR TIME YET AGAIN!!!

Old PMs - Neville Chamberlain - SPEECH

Once again, Blundercam has returned from Brussels with a piece of paper signed by the German Chancellor, promising Peace In Our Time.


The German Chancellor has promised not to park her panzers on Westminster Green to extort yet more money from Britain to pay for the Euro Follies. Blundercam is claiming this as a great victory.

The piece of paper says that the Euro budget which has already increased by a further 2.9% will only increase by the rate of inflation. What the note did not say was which measure of inflation would be used. It did add that Britain would not be required to prop up the Euro beyond the £8.7B already extorted from the British taxpayer.

Eurocrats were quick to rubbish the “historic treaty”.

They point out that the emergency fund will remain and Britain will be required to contribute at least four times as much as any other EUSSR republic per thousand head of taxpayers. They also point out that they will be the ones to decide which inflation figures to use. Zimbabwe’s inflation figure could be taken as the bench mark unless a higher rate can be found. One Eurocrat suggested that the figure they currently have in mind is 214%.

The question is: – Is Blundercam stupid, and just following the example of his hero Neville Chamberlain, or is he in his “Heir to Blair” mode and just treating the taxpayers as stupid?

It could be a bit of both. Blundercam wants to be able to ignore European issues and its not unusual for people under pressure to hear what they want to hear. OTOH he has already entered into yet another treaty agreement without the promised referendum. It is looking increasingly like he wants to take the British taxpayers for fools. He knows that had he honoured his much repeated promise of a referendum before signing any new treaty powers to Brussels that the British voters would have turned the deal down. Every poll shows that Britons are overwhelmingly in favour of cutting Europe adrift. They would be delighted to see the Euro Gravy Train permanently derailed.


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