The Travels of Blundercam


After a great start to the new Tory/Whig foreign relations campaign, Blundercam is taking a few days holiday and allowing Nick Clog a few photo opportunities as stand-in Prime Minister.

Call-me-Dave started off the new foreign relations policy by rewriting history and claiming that the US was actively fighting Hitler in 1940, assisted in a minor role by Britain and the British Commonwealth. He followed this by visting Turkey, offering them EU membership and slagging off Israel. Then for his pre-holiday finale he visited India and slagged off Pakistan. After all that excitement, a few days on the beach in Cornwall must seem very tame.

When he returns from holiday the Westminster rumour mill has it that he is off to Russia to slag off the US, and then to China to slag off India. FCO officials are working hard to find further policy opportunities but have found it difficult to pair up countries where Call-me-Dave can go to one to slag off the other.

Well the Tory Whig Coalition did promise a new form of Government and doubtless Foreign Secretary Hague and Chancellor Osborne are busy running the country.

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