The window for tax cuts is closing…

With President Trump’s tax reform plan finally being introduced as official legislation this week, NOW is the time for Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund to put massive pressure on politicians.

  • Every lobbyist and special interest group in the D.C. swamp is mobilizing to protect all the handouts, loopholes, and unfair exemptions they get from the current tax code.

That is why I’m asking you to please stand with your fellow conservatives and demand bold tax reform that lowers rates, creates jobs, and helps middle class families.

Please donate one urgent gift of $15, $30, $50 or more to Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund to help mobilize activists nationwide in support of President Trump’s “America First” tax plan!

  • You know that the current tax code is broken. It punishes small businesses, sucks too much money out of our pockets and creates maddening headaches for citizens, who waste time and money just to comply with the complicated rules.

Enough is enough! Because Republican “leaders” dragged their feet for so long, the window for passing tax reform is very narrow. We need to hammer this through Congress NOW, and your support is important. Please help fund our efforts to pass tax reform that helps your family, creates jobs, and restores America’s competitiveness. Donate to help us keep the pressure on RINO Republicans today.

In liberty,
Jenny Beth Martin
Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund