The woke mob is scaring teachers. We can help.

Teachers tell me that Critical Race Theory and wokeism may be the greatest threats to liberty today.

At a recent Stossel in the Classroom Town Hall for educators, concerned teachers asked us:

  • Is it safe to have a real dialogue in staff trainings about critical race theory?
  • How can we get our schools and society back to respecting free speech and welcoming professional discourse and debate?
  • How do I convince my students that the U.S. is the greatest country on Earth?  Many do not believe that.

Teachers shouldn’t have to worry about their professional future for voicing their opinions. Not in America.

The woke mob is scaring teachers and teaching kids to hate America and reject free market capitalism. They sow seeds of hatred against the core values we cherish: liberty, limited government, and personal responsibility.

Our program – Stossel in the Classroom –  helps students learn more about the ideas of liberty. Can you help me get Stossel in the Classroom in front of more students? 

For over 20 years, Stossel in the Classroom has equipped teachers with the tools needed to educate young minds.

By providing educators with brief, entertaining videos and lessons that teach high school and college students about the benefits of liberty, individualism, and markets, we keep the flame of liberty alive in America’s classrooms.

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“I just finished my 32nd year of teaching history and I have no plans on retiring. I feel that it is my mission to instill a deep love for our country into as many students as I can and your videos are helping me do that. I also want to teach the students to love our constitutional republic and to not blindly trust the government. As long as God allows I will remain in the trenches to fight the good fight. The enemies of our nation do not rest – neither should we.”  High School Teacher, Tennessee
Teaching young people has become my life’s passion. Stossel In the Classroom connects with educators across the country and provides them with videos, teacher guides, worksheets, and other resources to help teach young people to think–not what to think.
“I really love the resources that you have – I have even been known to send adult friends your videos to help explain issues to them. At this point, I don’t really have any suggestions except to keep up the good work!” High School Teacher, Georgia
Thousands of teachers say they rely on Stossel in the Classroom to provide educational materials that help students see that freedom is a better alternative to government controls and mandates.

But I can’t do this without your help.

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Elementary, middle school, and high school students need to hear another side.  They need to hear that free markets create prosperity better than government controls.

Friend, we need Americans like you to support students in this fight for the future of our country.

In liberty,

John Stossel
Journalist – Stossel In The Classroom
Center for Independent Thought