The Worst of All Possible Choices in the Worst of All Worlds?


Francois “Mr Pudding” Hollande an uninspiring choice

The French are now faced with a choice of two poor options for President.


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After the first round, in terms of vote gains, Marine Le Pen was the most promising candidate but only the first two candidates go forward to the second round. To win, each has to try to mobilize votes from voters who hate them.

Sarkosi was humiliated, coming in second with Le Pen snapping at his heels.

Under normal circumstances, French voters would have moved firmly to the left and back into tax and spend economics, but this year they realize that a socialist programme could bankrupt France very quickly. Even so, they baulked at the prospect of a further term for Sarkosi who has betrayed them during his first term.

At present it is looking like a win by a small margin for Mr Pudding and a twin humiliation for him and for Sarkosi.


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