The Worst Possible Outcome in the Worst of All Possible Worlds

The British General Election is ending in the worst possible result in the most hostile of worlds. The Labour Party has been comprehensively rejected. The LibDems, who boasted that they were now the second party and would win more than one hundred seats, have failed to match their boasts with results and are expected to end with fewer seats than they previously held. The Conservatives have achieved major swings, made the largest number of gains at any election in the last eighty years, but still failed to achieve a working majority of Commons seats. All this against a rapidly deteriorating global economic environment and with the European Union facing potentially destructive pressures.

On face value, the Conservatives may be able to assemble sufficient support from other parties to form a minority Government but, under the British Constitution the comprehensively defeated Gordon Brown has to tender his resignation to the Head of State, HM The Queen, before the monarch can invite another politician to form her next Government. Bottler Brown is still refusing to resign.

There will now be a nail biting few hours while Britons wait to see if Brown will back down and accept the electors’ verdict. Even then, there is no assured result because a Conservative minority Government will face enormous difficulties in getting essential economic policy through Parliament. The finance markets are already showing signs of nervousness and the result could be a rapid economic plunge if the finance industry is not convinced that hard decisions can be taken by a new administration.

Just to make a very dangerous position worse, the Blair Brown Regime has proved that it could not organize an election. Hundreds of voters were turned away from polling stations for a number of unacceptable reasons. That may result in petitions that could see results canceled and new elections run. At the same time police are still investigating more than fifty allegations of Labour or Lib Dem voting fraud and one case of an electoral breach by a Labour MP. Police investigations and Petitions are unlikely to result in rapid conclusions. More Labour and Lib Dem MPs could be suspended with uncertainty dragging on for weeks or months.

The prospect is now for another General Election within a year and possibly within weeks.

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