They Stuffed the Ballot Box

President Trump was right. The November 2020 election was fraught with problems. And in Georgia, we have the proof.

For months, CPI’s Election Integrity Network, led by political law attorney Cleta Mitchell, has been coordinating election integrity projects around the country. Cleta was a key volunteer attorney for President Trump in Georgia after the November election and led the effort to uncover irregularities and illegal votes.

An election contest was filed on President Trump’s behalf that identified more than THIRTY categories of illegal votes. But the media, the Democrats, the establishment GOP, and the judicial system in Georgia colluded to make sure none of that information came to light. President Trump never got his day in court in Georgia!

Now, CPI is working with the citizen activists in Georgia who seek the truth of what happened last year so it NEVER happens again.

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We’re helping them look at the counts, the recounts, the communication between state officials, and the ballot chains of custody, and more.

I’m writing today to tell you the court-supervised audit of the data just in Atlanta (Fulton County) has unearthed shocking irregularities and almost certain fraud. Based on what we now know:

▶︎ Thousands of ballots were double-counted just like the ones pictured below.

▶︎ Suspicious batches, each with hundreds of ballots, indicate 100% support for Joe Biden!

▶︎ An estimated 40,000 ballots are missing!

▶︎ And statewide, more than 10,300 voters – so far! – are confirmed to have voted illegally! These illegal votes were challenged in President Trump’s lawsuit but were ignored.

The Fulton County lawsuits and audits are ongoing, and evidence continues to emerge. Remember, Joe Biden “won” Georgia by just 11,779 votes. The attorneys, experts, and auditors are confident the number of proven illegal votes – just from Georgians moving between counties – will surpass Biden’s margin.

President Trump jumped on the story. “The news coming out of Georgia is beyond incredible… They stuffed the ballot box—and got caught,” he said.

He’s not wrong. But we need to keep working, keep fighting. We need more audits. We need more forensic auditors to review the actual ballots, NOT just images.

We need more transparency. We need more manpower.

We need your help!

Please support this all-important project, so we can get to the bottom of what happened on election night 2020.

CPI is leading this effort for the American people. This isn’t about a party or a candidate – it’s about obeying the election laws, and it is about our right to free and fair elections we can trust. The Left cares about winning; we care about the rule of law.

In America, the people rule – all the people, not just the elites and their attack dogs in the media and their lapdogs juking ballot counts in the middle of the night.

I will report back more evidence as we get it. For now, please consider making a tax-free donation to the Conservative Partnership Institute to keep the Election Integrity Network on offense and the Left on notice: the truth is coming out, and it will not set them free.

Thank you for considering this urgent request and for doing so much to help secure America’s future.
For Freedom,

Jim DeMint
CPI Chairman