They tried to keep me out. I turned up anyway!


Over the past few weeks, the Prime Minister has schemed and plotted to keep UKIP out of the debates, including last night’s programme, which wasn’t actually a debate at all!

So I turned up anyway, last night, at Sky’s studios in London, and judging by the Prime Minister’s performance, I think I might just have rattled him!

Next week, we have the infamous “seven way” debate – and further down the line, a Question Time style head to head, which there’s even a grassroots petition calling for me to be included in.

But what was clear from last night is that the two, legacy parties are in complete agreement with one another:

On Immigration: they want to continue with our open borders with the European Union;
On Spending: they’ll all continue to increase Britain’s debt, and leave it to our children and grandchildren;
On Defence: they want to cut our armed forces, yet keep sending them into foreign wars, under equipped;
On Europe: they want continued membership, false “renegotiations”
On Foreign Aid: they want to keep spending British money propping up foreign governments.

The list goes on and on, and on and on…

On May 7th, we have a chance to secure some REAL change. Make sure you’re registered to vote for that change.

By putting enough UKIP MPs in the House of Commons, we can hold the next government to account.

I don’t want coalition with the other parties. I want change. I don’t want a ministerial car. I want to drive the agenda.

So if you’re interested in REAL change, please consider contributing to our campaign. With just 41 days to go, we need your help: Click here to give £4.10, £14.10, or £41.00.

Thank you,

Nigel Farage
Leader of the UK Independence Party

P.S. You can still grab a copy of my book in UKIP’s online store, here.

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