This is Why We Must Raise $1 Million

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While there are more Tea Party elected officials than ever, there are still a few so-called “Republicans” who haven’t gotten the message yet.


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In Virginia, Florida, Michigan, and Wyoming, big-government Republican governors are supporting massive tax hikes and implementing ObamaCare.

Sell-out politicians like these are the reason our movement must take a stand. We need to raise $1 million by Wednesday night to show them that we can’t be ignored, and there will be a price to pay for selling out the American people!

Please make a generous contribution of $35, $50, $100, $200, or whatever you can afford to our 4 Years 4 Liberty $1 million dollar money bomb.

Friend, our fundraising deadline is TOMORROW and we are still 37% short of our goal.

Please, right this second, make a secure online contribution.

You see, Republican establishment politicians haven’t gotten the message yet.

In Florida, former-Tea Party Governor Rick Scott just announced he’s in favor of expanding Medicaid as part of ObamaCare.

Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan did the same thing.

In Wyoming- the reddest of red states – the “Republican” governor Matt Mead just rammed a 10 cent per gallon gas tax hike through his legislature.

And in Virginia, Governor Bob McDonnell unleashed both barrels on taxpayers by recruiting liberal Democrats to help him jam an economy-killing tax increase AND an expansion of Medicaid into law.

Then there are all the “moderates” in the U.S. Congress who are whining about the upcoming reduction in the growth of federal spending!

These are the types of politicians who need to see what grassroots Americans can do.

We need to raise this remaining $368,000 and reach our $1 million goal to show these big-government Republicans that the Tea Party is stronger and more determined than ever.

Please donate whatever you can right away.

And then please forward this email to everyone you know who is sick and tired of “Republicans” who govern like liberal Democrats.

Politicians like Bob McDonnell, Matt Mead and the rest are the reason ordinary Americans created the Tea Party movement four years ago.

We were sick and tired of being ignored by politicians in both political parties. So we took matters into our own hands and created this incredible grassroots movement.

Now it is time to once again flex our political muscles by raising this $1 million.

Just imagine the looks on these politicians’ faces when their aides shuffle into their fancy offices and announce, “Those crazy Tea Partiers just raised one million dollars in ten days!”

It will be priceless.

If we can just raise this last $368,000 by tomorrow night, we will shock the world.

We are eight days into this historic 4 Years 4 Liberty money bomb celebrating the anniversary of the Tea Party movement. We only have today and tomorrow left.

Please donate what you can today and help us reach our $1 million goal.


Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

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