Threatened by a Clown

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Dave Cameron met the Clown of Brussels who gave low grade bankers a bad name

In an interesting few weeks for Cameron, he met with Herman Rumpy Pumpy, the Presidential Clown of Brussels to discuss the comedic proposed inflation busting EU budget – well its comedic if you don’t have to pay for it!!


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Even “Call Me Dave” Cameron and his sidekick Nick Clegg worked out that agreeing to a 50% increase in British contributions to the already pampered lifestyle of Eurocrats was guaranteed to destroy any hopes they might cling to of winning the next British General Election. That left only a veto as a political option.

Dave’s meeting with Herman was certain to be a failure because Dave was there to deliver his promise of a veto and Herman was only there to accept his surrender. Not surprizing that the meeting didnt even stretch to a third of the alloted time.

Herman stamped his little feet and threatened to remove the British rebate on its EU contributions. Dave repeated his veto promise and the Eurocrats had to start thinking how they could find a way around the British roadblock.

To those looking at the Euro Shambles it may seem strange that the Eurocrats even considered demanding a huge expansion of an already lavish budget at a time when every Member State is unpopular at home because of the need to introduce major cutbacks and increase taxes. However, on the Planet Zorg, where Eurocrats live, there is no EuroZone crisis, Greece is not bankrupt, violent civil disturbance does not set fire to the streets of Capitals around the EU, a deepening world economic crisis does not exist, and the hated Americans will be humiliated by the powerful Eurocrats.

Thinking about it, Dave should have agreed to some budget increase to pay for the straight jackets and lunatic asylums that the EU needs to buy to accomodate the Eurocrats. OTOH maybe the Common Agricultural Policy, that was designed to subsidize the French, could be diverted into a new Euro Looney Fund, ELF, to provide the lavish asylums that the Eurocrats could accept.

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