Time To Finally Control Our Borders

As promised, after a short few days to recharge our batteries, we are back to update you all with all the latest Brexit-related news of the past fortnight. However, before I continue, I am sure you would all like to join me in sending condolences to Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, after his mother passed away yesterday evening, “suddenly and peacefully”.

Back to our own focus though. Whilst the improved weather with a few warmer days over the last 2 weeks has been welcome for us all, it has also meant conditions in the English Channel have been ideal for illegal crossings. As a result, we have continued to see record numbers of migrants make the crossing every day, with almost 1,000 making the trip last Monday alone. However, it does seem the problem is finally being realised by those within the Home Office, with a swathe of new policies and practices set to be introduced – much to the shock and dislike of the EU:

  • The UK will now make use of so-called ‘pushback’ tactics to intercept and hopefully turn around migrant boats, forcing them back into French waters in the Channel, using both larger vessels and specifically designed jet-skis.
    The EU has tried to say this would be illegal and go against international norms, however, they have conveniently forgotten the EU has used the same tactics before in Greek waters to push migrants back to Turkey! As usual, it seems it’s one rule for the bureaucrats and another for the UK.
  • The Border Force will be equipped with a new fleet of patrol boats to replace the current aging fleet – at a cost of £200 million.
  • The Home Secretary, Priti Patel MP, has threatened to withhold the recently agreed payment of £54 million to France – because of their failure to deal with the crisis – including their refusal to utilise modern mobile phone-tracking technology, which would allow French officials to track down traffickers and identify where they plan to launch vessels.
  • The EU has claimed this monetary threat is tantamount to blackmail and the French Interior Minister, Gerald Darmanin, has said: “The friendship between our two countries deserves better than postures that damage cooperation between our services.”

We totally agree. Our relationship deserves better cooperation from our so-called allies – which is exactly why we hope Ms Patel continues to refuse handing over millions of pounds to the French – with no realistic plans or results to show.

It is not blackmail to refuse payment for a contract which has not been completed – or cannot be seen to be properly actioned.
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Now, more information for you. When it comes to our negotiations with the EU, things are, once again, stuck in neutral with no meaningful negotiations taking place and the Government seemingly set to simply kick the can down the road again.

  • The Government has extended the so-called ‘rollover agreements’ we have with the EU, which delay implementing full checks on goods moving between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.These agreements were set to expire at the end of September – a deadline the UK set out in June – but the new extension has been done on an indefinite basis with no deadline.
  • In the meantime, zero progress has been made in negotiations and the EU’s lead negotiator, European Commission Vice President, Maroš Šefčovič, has said he does not believe any large renegotiation is needed – nor is it possible – completely rejecting the UK’s proposals and insisting EU jurisdiction in Northern Ireland is non-negotiable.
  • Yesterday, Šefčovič’s counterpart in the UK, the Minister of State at the Cabinet Office, Lord Frost, repeated the UK’s threat to trigger Article 16 of the Protocol (which tears up the entire Protocol) if the EU does not work with the UK to fix the problems which so clearly exist. Lord Frost stated: “The EU would be making a significant mistake if they thought we were not ready to use Article 16 safeguards if that is our only choice to deal with the situation in front of us. If we are to avoid Article 16, there must be a real negotiation between us and the EU.”However, it has become clear the EU believes we are bluffing and will not take any action until they know we are serious.We now need to action our threats!
  • On top of inaction over Northern Ireland, the Government has officially delayed the full implementation of the UK’s new customs regime for goods being imported into this country. This means – for the moment – frustratingly we will continue to stay aligned to the EU’s own policies and we still won’t have full control of our own borders. The Government claims this is to make sure goods flow quickly as we come towards Christmas, but what this screams to me is – ‘Remainers’ in the ‘Silly Snivel Service’ are still in control – denying Brexit needs to be fully implemented, so they are deliberately delaying getting themselves sorted out!
Speaking of imports, one of the biggest debates of the last month has been over the shortage of HGV drivers in this country, which has caused problems for some supply chains. Of course, many Remainers have been quick to try and blame Brexit, however, the biggest culprit here is the Pandemic, which has caused a huge drop in the numbers of new HGV drivers taking tests over the past 18 months. In the first 3 months of 2021 there was a 98% decrease in the number of tests taken, compared to first 3 months of 2020, i.e. before lockdowns, which meant tests could not take place. This is a problem around the world – and not just in the UK with the Pandemic, meaning goods are potentially shipped to the wrong locations leaving empty shelves in many countries. To claim this is because of Brexit is frankly ludicrous.

The Government is now scrambling to catch-up, extending visas for European drivers, but alarmingly dumbing down some of the training for HGV drivers and dropping important testing issues – such as the skill needed to reverse these huge lorries – despite this being one of the most important and dangerous elements of being an HGV driver.

As we pointed out in our last e-Bulletin, many in big businesses need to stop relying on cripplingly low wages for staff from overseas, while increasing the salaries and bonuses for top executives. Now it seems some are understanding this, and it’s good to see salaries for these positions rising for drivers across this sector – not just for HGV drivers. This does not mean we should be lowering our standards, or softening up our immigration regulations.

Whilst tearing up the rulebook for HGV exams the Government have also spent the last 2 weeks proposing increases to National Insurance payments for both businesses and employees, with the proposed increase coming in at 2.5%, hitting every single taxpayer in the country, to pay for an increase in funding for the NHS and Social Care.

  • While there is no doubt there is a long-overdue need for there to be a change in the funding for social care, this increase in National Insurance is a dangerous way to do this. The increased tax burden – especially on businesses – threatens to derail extra investment and our global economic expansion, as well as job creation in this country.
  • This new tax increase seems to simply be throwing money at the problem and hoping the problems disappear, rather than actually addressing many of the outstanding issues which exist in the NHS and Social Care. I noted when the Prime Minister, spoke about this in Parliament earlier in the week, and in his press conference later, he made zero mention of how he plans to try and resolve the long-standing problems within the running of the NHS and Social Care – both public and private! These are bodies which are desperately in need of reform and modernisation to make sure we do not lose these services. However, this unwillingness to think ambitiously – and outside the box – is simply another example of how those in the corridors of power are failing the Great British Public in the years after Brexit.
  • In order to push through the tax hike, the PM even threatened a Cabinet reshuffle in the days before – clearly a scurrilous attempt to try to rein in some of the rebels, hopeful of a promotion.

To see a full list of how MPs voted on the issue click HERE.

Considering the problems, we are now trying to sort out re the NHS – and the proposed increases in National Insurance, it was shocking to see the NHS is currently seeking to employ over 42 new administrative staff members at massive salaries of over £200,000pa – as well as a number of so-called ‘Diversity Managers’ earning up to £70,000 pa – i.e. pouring more money into top-heavy staff, when the whole NHS system needs to be sorted out!

In another area of concern, it emerged the UK was forced to ask France to limit the flow of electricity to the UK for a number of hours last week, because of a potential power surge. This was needed because the EU’s energy trading platform suffered technical problems which would have caused too much energy to come into the UK, breaking our National Grid!!! Frankly, what this clearly demonstrates to me is that this country is still far too reliant on the French and the EU for much of our energy supplies (as well as other things). All it would take is for this to happen again when the French are being more bullish – say overfishing or imports – and the French might not be so receptive – leading to our entire country grinding to a halt. We have seen the French threaten our electricity supply recently, so why is the Government not taking action to make sure this is not a possibility in the future!?

However, on a lighter and amusing note:
Last Saturday night there were attempts by a few ‘Remainers’ to again take over the ‘Last Night of the Proms’ at the Royal Albert Hall. Some of them tried to distribute EU berets and small EU flags outside, and although they had some takers, they couldn’t stop people – even those wearing the berets and carring the flags – joining in with signing of our patriotic songs, such as ‘Rule Britannia’, ‘Jerusalem’ and ‘I Vow To Thee My Country’. What hypocrites!

It seems even when Remainers try to undermine the image of the United Kingdom to the world, common sense clearly shines through to celebrate our wonderful nation.

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