Time to Melt the Phone Lines

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A a significant number of House Republicans are trying to let the IRS get off scot-free after the ongoing and systematic targeting of conservative and tea party groups under the Obama administration.


We need to melt the phone lines right now and tell them it’s time to hold the IRS accountable and impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen! A full contact list can be found below!

Last week, House Freedom Caucus Members Tim Huelskamp (KS-1) and John Fleming (LA-4) filed a privileged motion to bring an impeachment vote to the House floor, but House Leadership and moderate Republicans were working to table the bill and end the effort in its tracks.

Then, House Freedom Caucus Members and House Leadership came to an agreement to hold a hearing this week so that John Koskinen could face the Judiciary Committee. The last time the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on impeaching IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, he failed to show up. We’ll be watching to see if this week is any different.

In the meantime, it’s vital that we melt the phone lines and tweet all members of the House Judiciary Committee and tell them it’s time to hold the IRS accountable and impeach John Koskinen.

Please CALL and TWEET. Many Members of Congress monitor their Twitter feeds to get instant feedback from their constituents. Studies have shown it can take as little as 10 tweets to sway a Member of Congress.

It’s been 4 years since news of the IRS scandal broke and to this day, no one has been held accountable! The time is well overdue!

A full contact list can be found below.

In liberty,
Jenny Beth Martin

*Note: To tweet a member, simply click the Twitter handle; You must be logged into Twitter.
Name Contact
Bob Goodlatte
VA-6 (R) 202-225-5431
Jim Sensenbrenner, Jr.
WI-5 (R) 202-225-5101
Lamar Smith
TX-21 (R) 202-225-4236
Steve Chabot
OH-1 (R) 202-225-2216
Darrell Issa
CA-49 (R) 202-225-3906
Randy Forbes
VA-4 (R) 202-225-6365
Steve King
IA-4 (R) 202-225-4426
Trent Franks
AZ-8 (R) 202-225-4576
Louie Gohmert
TX-1 (R) 202-225-3035
Jim Jordan
OH-4 (R) 202-225-2676
Ted Poe
TX-2 (R) 202-225-6565
Jason Chaffetz
UT-3 (R) 202-225-7751
Tom Marino
PA-10 (R) 202-225-3731
Trey Gowdy
SC-4 (R) 202-225-6030
Raul Labrador
ID-1 (R) 202-225-6611
Blake Farenthold
TX-27 (R) 202-225-7742
Doug Collins
GA-9 (R) 202-225-9893
Ron DeSantis
FL-6 (R) 202-225-2706
Mimi Walters
CA-45 (R) 202-225-5611
Ken Buck
CO-4 (R) 202-225-4676
John Ratcliffe
TX-4 (R) 202-225-6673
Dave Trott
MI-11 (R) 202-225-8171
Mike Bishop
MI-8 (R) 202-225-4872
John Conyers, Jr.
MI-13 (D) 202-225-5126
Jerry Nadler
NY-10 (D) 202-225-5635
Zoe Lofgren
CA-19 (D) 202-225-3072
Sheila Jackson Lee
TX-18 (D) 202-225-3816
Steve Cohen
TN-9 (D) 202-225-3265
Hank Johnson
GA-4 (D) 202-225-1605
Judy Chu
CA-27 (D) 202-225-5464
Ted Deutch
FL-21 (D) 202-225-3001
Luis Gutierrez
IL-4 (D) 202-225-8203
Karen Bass
CA-37 (D) 202-225-7084
Cedric Richmond
LA-2 (D) 202-225-6636
Suzan DelBene
WA-1 (D) 202-225-6311
Hakeem Jeffries
NY-8 (D) 202-225-5936
David Cicilline
RI-1 (D) 202-225-4911
Scott Peters
CA-52 (D) 202-225-0508
Charles Dent
PA-15 (R) 202-225-6411
Peter King
NY-2 (R) 202-225-7896

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