Tonight’s Fall Webinar Series Postponed


Unfortunately we have to postpone our Fall Training Series tonight. The topic tonight was going to be Message Discipline and unfortunately our trainer has had an emergency come up that will prevent him from participating tonight. We are going to push this presentation back to next Monday, October 6, 2014, at 8:30pm EDT. This will be a great presentation and we hope you’ll join us. If you haven’t registered for the series yet, you can click the button below.

Washington is broken and it is important that the elected officials that we send there have OUR best interest at heart and not THEIR own. Don’t miss out on this highly informative series that will prepare you for the months to come.

Until next week, catch up on the presentations that you may have missed:

09/03/2014 – Introduction and Language of Liberty – 8:30pm EDT
Presenters: Jenny Beth Martin/Bill Norton
Click to watch the archive>

09/08/2014 – Volunteer Recruitment/Voter Registration & Absentee Ballots – 8:30pm EDT
Presenters: Bill Norton/Christopher Doss
Click to watch the archive>

09/15/2014 – How to Organize a Meeting – 8:30pm EDT
Presenters: Bill Norton/Keli Carender
Click to watch the archive>

09/22/2014 – How to Write Press Releases and Letters to the Editor – 8:30pm EDT
Presenters: Keli Carender/Michael Prell
Click to watch the archive>

Thanks for understanding and we’ll see you next week!

In Liberty,
Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

PS: Don’t forget to sign up to host a house party with our new documentary, The Border States of America with international film and television star, Nick Searcy.

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