Tooting Iman Agitated Against Ahmadi Shopkeepers

Tooting Iman Agitated Against Ahmadi Shopkeepers

by reevoguido

Readers will be aware of the murder of Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah, an Ahamdi Muslim killed by another Muslim for wishing customers a Happy Easter. The case has provoked debate about persecution of the Ahmadi community perpetrated by Islamic extremists like Corbyn fanboy Suliman Gani. Gani is the imam of the Tooting Islamic Centre, and has repeatedly called on his followers to discriminate against Ahmadis. Chillingly, the cleric was even reportedly involved in a boycott of Ahmadi shopkeepers.

When he isn’t calling women “subservient“, Gani campaigns side by side with Jeremy Corbyn and arranges segregated public meetings with Labour MPs. Interestingly, he’s also Sadiq Khan’s local imam – the two have shared a platform on numerous occasions. It’s worth reading this 2010 interview where Khan is grilled about anti-Ahmadi sentiment preached at the Tooting Islamic Centre. His Tory opponent at the time had to be locked in a room for his own safety after being mistaken for an Ahmadi. Both Corbyn and Khan are well in with this wrong un…

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