Tourists to be Robbed in Cyprus


Cyprus has now introduced very strict controls over money leaving the country, including tourists’ cash


Broadly Risks

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Anyone planning a holiday in Cyprus should carefully read the small print before going.

The strict controls imposed on ATMs means that tourists cannot depend on drawing money in Cyprus and the current chaos means that credit cards and debit cards are unlikely to be accepted by most service providers in Cyprus. The result is that tourists are already advised to take a large amount of cash in Euros with them.

This exposes tourists to two robbery risks. Crime in Cyprus is rising as desperate Cypriots try to find a way to buy food and shelter, increasing the risk of mugging and thefts from hotel rooms dramatically. There is also the risk of Government thieves stealing money from tourists as they leave. Anyone attempting to leave with more than £850 risks jail and seizure of money in excess of the limits. Stories are circulating that this level is about to be lowered further and tourists could find that new regulations imposed after they have arrived will mean that they may be prevented from taking out of Cyprus any money that they brought in but did not spend. As some countries are advising their nationals to take all the money they expect to require for their holiday and then add 50% contingency funds, that could mean a 50% increase in the cost of a Cyprus holiday. Anyone who fails to take a large contingency in cash could find further problems in Cyprus could leave them stranded.



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