TPP Citizens Fund Report


2013 is almost over. And it’s been quite a year full of both highs and lows for our movement.



The Tea Party movement rallied after Barack Obama’s reelection. We pointed out how the Ruling Class of the Republican Party got exactly the candidate for President it wanted and still lost.

When House Speaker John Boehner sold the American people out in order to hike taxes, Tea Party Patriots’ volunteers across America fought back.

Together we stopped Barack Obama’s gun control bill and at least temporarily halted the drive to extend amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

Last spring, the nation learned that the Obama Administration had been using the IRS to silence tea party groups – especially Tea Party Patriots.

Throughout the summer we sounded the alarm about Obamacare and then convinced House Republicans to stand firm and defund that horrible law.

Then, when Senate Republicans betrayed us and agreed to fund the hated health care law, Tea Party volunteers across America refused to back down. We continue to fight Obamacare despite the calls of some Republican politicians to give up on repealing the law before 2017.

In 2013 the American people learned that they need the Tea Party. We are the only independent movement in the nation that is willing and able to fight for taxpayers.

Over the past twelve months we recruited more volunteers. We raised more money than ever. We expanded our influence and started the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund PAC.

The ruling class politicians now understand we are serious. They realize that we are a threat to the dysfunctional political status quo that the professional politicians love so much.

So they are striking back. They want to crush our movement.

2013’s political battles will seem tame compared to what the ruling class has in store for us next year.

We will have to fight entrenched career politicians who love big government, and we will be forced to defend some of our movement’s greatest elected heroes from well-funded primary challengers.

Everything our movement has endured over the past twelve months has prepared us for these challenges.

So, over these last few days of 2013, please rest up, because in on January 1st the battle to save America begins again.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Jenny Beth Martin

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