Traitors Conspire

Tower of London Traitors Gate

Now for Execution Dock, Put Their Heads Upon the Block, and No More the Laws They’ll Mock!!!

Fat Cat Union Barons and Labour’s discredited crew conspire to force Britain back into recession.


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Even after the “savage cuts”, pampered British Public Sector workers are pocketing more that £4000 each above the pay for similar private sector workers. Their Gold Plated pensions are worth more than six times the pensions that private sector workers can look forward to – assuming they have any pension. Public Sector workers want to retire even earlier and Union Barons have been talking about reducing the retirement age to 50 in line with Greece – they probably also want to copy the Greek practice of not having to go to work to collect the pay packet.

Not surprising, only 24% of the Union members voted to reject the gernous offers and go for strike action.

The Union Barons want to promote themselves and increase their own pay, already many times more than their best paid members enjoy.

The Labour failures who did so much to create the sorry mess that was the British economy in early 2010, just want to be noticed. Barmy Balls and his wife Shrill Cooper have tried all sorts of stunts but still no one wants to know. Ed Milliband, the Invisible Man of the Labour Party, is desperate to be recognized – cant imagine why after his contribution to the economic mess as a minister in the failed Blair Brown Regime.

These miserable excuses for humans are only too happy to help force Britain back into recession.

Now is the time for Britain to fight back.

The first choice for many would be to see the Union Barons and the Labour Party Fat Cats dragged out and feel the axe on their necks. That wont happen because “elf and safety” are afraid Westminster Bridge would collapse if their heads were mounted there on pikes.

So, the next best thing, as the Union Barons have rejected over generous pay and pensions deals for their members, the Government should offer new deals to match pay and pensions in the private sector, together with similar job security – closing a few hundred government offices could do wonders for the British economy..


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