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This week, Leave.EU ramped up the pressure on the UK government by launching a petition requesting a definitive timeline for the triggering of Article 50. The petition was launched only yesterday and has already been well received with close to 25,000 of your signatures!

With murmurs of further delay in the triggering of Article 50 until after the German and French national elections, pushing back the date until late 2017, Britain needs transparency on the government’s intentions. Unnecessary delay in triggering Article 50 will turn the referendum into a neverendum. In addition to the 17 million Leave voters who wish to see the government act upon its newfound Brexit mandate, it is critical for financial markets and UK businesses to have certainty on this issue as soon as possible.

In order for the government to be held to account on Brexit, the British public must be kept informed on its intentions. It is in the nation’s best interests for Article 50 to be invoked as soon as is practicable. The government needs to inform us when that time will be.

Nigel Farage went stateside this week, attending and speaking at a Donald Trump rally in Jackson, Mississippi. Nigel was incredibly well received by the 15,000 strong crowd, as he used the opportunity to tell the Brexit story of the ordinary people vs the Establishment, and highlighted the parallels in public sentiment towards modern globalisation and corporatist politics both here and in the US.
“We ordinary people, when coming together can defeat the big banks and the big government.” – Nigel Farage.

You can catch Nigel’s phenomenal speech by clicking the link below.
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This week’s EU Summit was more significant in its symbolism than in its ability to achieve meaningful change or direction for the EU.

Border controls will restore confidence and acceptance of those seeking to live and work in the UK.

The 48 can either help make Brexit a success or keep quiet and get out of the way.

We will continue fighting for you to ensure Brexit means Brexit. Too often, the government gets away with bypassing the will of the people – we will not allow the Brexit mandate to be ignored.


The Leave.EU team

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