Trump, at ND rally, says keeping Senate in GOP hands ‘the most important thing’ after Kennedy retirement

Trump, at ND rally, says keeping Senate in GOP hands ‘the most important thing’ after Kennedy retirement

President Trump praised retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy as a very special guy and a great man at a rally in North Dakota Wednesday evening before imploring GOP voters to keep the Senate in Republican hands this coming November.

Democrats face tea party-style internal battle as progressives push for change

Rep. Joe Crowley’s primary loss this week sent shockwaves through congressional Democrats, who face the prospect of a nasty internal battle every bit as divisive as the tea party-fueled fights the GOP suffered in recent years.

WATCH: MacCallum Mentions Shapiro On Supreme Court. Then Her Twitter Feed Explodes.

On Wednesday, appearing on Fox News “The Story with Martha MacCallum,” Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro discussed the election upset in New York where a 28-year-old socialist defeated a possible successor to Nancy Pelosi, and also discussed the stunning announcement that Supreme Court Justi

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Schumer Demands Congress Use ‘Biden Rule’ in Choosing Kennedy Replacement

New York Senator Charles Schumer warned President Trump and Republicans against nominating a Supreme Court justice to replace Anthony Kennedy prior to the 2018 election, and demanded they reject any nominee who would seek to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

House slams door on GOP immigration bill; Trump’s support not enough to pass bill

The Republican compromise immigration bill suffered a crushing defeat in the House on Wednesday in a vote that stood as a rebuke to President Trump and a signal that Republicans remain irrevocably deadlocked on the issue.

WATCH: Andrew Klavan On How Trump’s SCOTUS Pick Is ‘Making The Dems Go Insane’

After the Supreme Court’s ruling in Janus vs. AFSCME on Wednesday, Andrew Klavan gave his thoughts on the importance of President Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch on The Andrew Klavan Show.

Justice Anthony Kennedy announces retirement, giving Trump 2nd Supreme Court pick

Justice Anthony Kennedy announced Wednesday that he is retiring, giving President Trump a critical opportunity to move the Supreme Court more solidly to the right in what promises to be an epic confirmation fight.