Trump may very well be saving America.”

What a week, wouldn’t you say? I was struck by the differences, watching the speeches and events from the Republican National Convention (RNC) that were happening at the same time as the violent and deadly riots in Democrat-run cities.

The contrast between the hope, optimism, and love for all Americans shown at the RNC, and the hate, violence, and chaos at Democrat-approved riots was stark, and clearly demonstrated why President Trump must be re-elected.


All Americans have a choice to make between the policies of President Trump and what a President Biden/Harris would bring. On Thursday, I read something that really hammered home the fact that this election is about more than just policy.


Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, commented (emphasis added):

Thinking about last night’s Republican Convention today at the gym, I realized that Trump isn’t just running for re-election: The story he’s telling at the RNC is also about saving America from the race war that the left is trying to foment. The left wants it to be black vs. white, immigrant vs. native, etc. Trump’s making clear that it’s about people who are constructive, productive, and generally happy, vs. people who are destructive, parasitic, and generally miserable, and that that difference transcends things like race. This is a huge, under-appreciated — and very traditionally American — message. By promoting it at this crucial time, Trump may very well be saving America.

I agree wholeheartedly with Reynolds’ comments. This election isn’t just about policy – which is, alone, gravely important. It’s also about saving America from the evil unleashed and supported by those that want America to die; the people who want to crush freedom and the ideals upon which our nation was founded.


And, that is why I am asking you today to support our Get Out The Vote effort in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, to turn out the voters who put President Trump over the top in 2016. He needs them to vote again, and we need you to help us make sure they vote Trump/Pence in 2020.


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For America,


Jenny Beth Martin