Twenty Two Turkeys Vote For Christmas


One of the 22 MPs on the way to vote for Christmas?

22 British MPs voted to accept that the European Court of Injustice should replace the British Parliament.


22 MPs voted against the motion to continue the withholding of the right to vote from convicted prisoners. This gave a majority of 212 in favour of giving British voters the right to elect representatives to Westminster to exercise the sovereign right of the British Parliament against any toletarian external force.

The European Court of Injustice is expected to respond by awarding millions of pounds compensation to convicted murderers, fraudulent MPs and rapists, but there is no firm obligation on the British Government to accept those awards.

The real significance of the vote is that the European Court is expected to attempt to force its will over democracy, triggering British withdrawal from the Treaty on which the Court is based and is likely to then follow on into the British withdrawal from the European Union.

Some believe that Justice Minister Ken Clarke will attempt to force MPs to vote again on a whipped vote after trying to force the House of Cronies to accept the Court’s ruling. If that happens, a major revolt in the House of Commons could bring down the Brokeback Coalition Government of Whigs Cameron and Clegg.

The vote also raises the question of whether the 22 MPs should resign to allow by elections where candiates who believe in more than just pocketing taxpayers’ money, and leaving the governance of Britain to unelected and undemocratic judges in Strasbourg, can stand for election.


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