Two Finger Salute to British Voters


Life goes on as before for the Westminster pigs

Labour members of Parliament decided to show their contempt for the British voters by electing John Bercow as the new Speaker. This had been an opportunity to elect a strong Speaker who would be above party lines and able to lead MPs out of the current expenses scandal. Instead, they voted for Conservative Bercow in the belief that this unloved member of the Conservative Parliamentary group would upset Conservative Leader Cameron.

Bercow, himself an offender under the expenses scandal, has an inconsistent approach to political convictions and is known as a ‘greaser’. The main plank in his campaign to become Speaker was a call that MPs should receive a huge pay increase to replace the expenses and allowances that have caused so much public anger during recent weeks.

Bercow and those who voted for him have demonstrated a contempt for voters and a failure to appreciate the depth of feeling in Britain against the body politic.


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