“UK companies should be concerned”, security expert warns after major hack


While the world’s gaze has been focused on the hacking of Sony Entertainment resulting in some leaked emails and the cancellation of some film screenings, news of what could be the most significant hack since Stuxnet, which targeted Iran’s uranium enrichment programme in 2010, has gone largely unnoticed.


A report has been published in Germany about a cyber-attack which caused a blast furnace to shut down at a steel mill causing ‘massive damage’. Richard Piggin, a security specialist at design and engineering consultant Atkins, believes UK companies should be concerned about the way that the steel mill was compromised and then how hackers took over the systems that control the furnace, particularly as similar techniques could be used to target systems controlling energy, utilities and manufacturing facilities. Should this happen it could lead to enormous disruption and significant costs and damages.


Please see the blog on the following link for further details: http://angles.atkinsglobal.com/opinion/targeting-industrial-plant

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