UK election (update)

Google has just announced a policy that will help deal with disinformation in ads ahead of the upcoming UK elections. It’s because of pressure from groups like Mozilla and people like you that Google announced this huge change.

But we’ve still heard nothing from Facebook. Can you chip in so we can keep up our work, including holding big tech platforms to account?

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I just wanted to follow up on the open letter that thousands of Mozilla supporters like you signed earlier this month.

Because of pressure from groups like Mozilla, Google has announced big changes to its election ads policy. We’ve done some analysis on their policy and I wanted to share the toplines with you, given our critically important election coming up on 12th December.

What’s good:

  • Google’s new election ads policy applies globally
  • It covers search, YouTube, and ads sold by Google that show on other websites (i.e. display ads)
  • There are great limits on how people are targeted by election ads — hyper-specific ad targeting is now banned

What’s not so good:

  • We still won’t have the transparency we deserve on who’s being targeted with election-based ads and how much was spent on those ads
  • Ads about political issues that fall outside Google’s definition of election ads won’t be included in Google’s political ad transparency report

This is a good start from Google and we welcome the changes.

But it’s clear that there is still room for improvement… and we’ve not yet heard a peep from Facebook.

Could you chip in so Mozilla can continue its critically important work, including holding platforms like Google and Facebook accountable?

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It’s not okay that big platforms have the ability to make decisions that affect our democracies like this — especially in the middle of an election cycle.

It’s exactly why we need your help.

We know that external pressure works, and we know that because Google announced this ads policy that Facebook will be feeling some serious heat. Thousands of Mozillians like you signed our open letter calling for an emergency moratorium on political ads before the election — and we only had to resort to that because our politicians have been caught on the back foot.

Mozilla is going to keep pushing for wider reform at all levels, but until then, we need to push Facebook to come out with a better election ads policy, and help Google make its policy stronger.

Can you chip in today?


Thank you so much for all of your support so far. Together, we’re having real impact!

On behalf of the entire Mozilla team,

Jon Lloyd
Head of European Campaigns

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