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With May’s local elections not far away, UKIP is picking up momentum at local level all over the country.


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The Party has seen many defections from Councillors to UKIP over the past week. Tom & Cat Bursnall in Windsor are now UKIP Councillors, with Cat having formerly been the youngest Civic Mayor in England. They joined in reaction to the government’s budget and rightly describe UKIP as the natural home for the aspirational.

Christopher Quinton, a Councillor on South Oxfordshire District Council has joined the Party too, citing his disillusion with the Conservative Party’s direction.

A fourth defection has seen Independent Councillor John Short now choose to represent UKIP on Swindon Borough Council.

Remember that you can help us keep up the momentum with your most generous donation.

The EFD European Parliamentary group to which UKIP belongs has produced this interesting video showing the impact of the EU on politics at a local level.

On a national level, Nigel Farage responded with a typically robust response to the Coalition’s budget, pointing out that it does little for business or families.

Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall recently reviewed the newspapers on Sky News.

As ever, UKIP’s MEPs have been fighting the good fight over in Brussels. You can check out what they have been doing on this dedicated website.

Finally, if you haven’t yet entered, do consider giving the Sovereign Draw a whirl. It promises to be great fun and proceeds go to UKIP.

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