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The UKIP Market Stall in South Shields

We had a fantastic day and we estimate that the overall reaction to our presence was at least 95% positive and even the negatives weren’t really anything to worry about. The main issues people wanted to discuss weren’t so much local as we at first expected.

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An Evening with Paul Nuttall and Steven Woolfe
Steven Woolfe, Jenny Kitchener, Paul Nuttall and Dot Lynch

UKIP Gateshead and Newcastle branch, spurred on as ever by the indomitable Dot Lynch, held a fund raising event on Thursday 11th July.

With the beneficence of Helen the owner of Sutherlands – The Venue, at Windy Nook in Gateshead, following a Bucks Fizz reception, an excellent 3 course dinner was enjoyed by all. more…



UKIP Wansbeck Branch at Morpeth Fair.
Richard Elvin. UKIP parliamentary candidate for South Shileds

“So tell me, is UKIP more like the conservatives or labour?” a voting enquirer asked me. “Neither” I replied” UKIP are totally unique, the only real alternative to the other parties. In fact, any differences between Labour and Conservative are so slim that you couldn’t slide a cigarette paper between them! Can I show you a mini manifesto booklet to demonstrate why I know you will vote for us in the next election?”
This and other questions were fielded to the UKIP Wansbeck branch summer fair stall, which was recently held in Morpeth. With a footfall of several thousand, the success of this years stall superseded our expectations yet again! In terms of local awareness campaigns, the fair is perfectly suited to our target audience – the local voter! People are in good fettle, out for a lovely day, leisurely perusing the county stalls, happy to take our UKIP leaflets and buy our tombola tickets. Once again, the cash takings meant the stall pitch fee paid for its self plus profits. The beauty of local fair participation is that we don’t need to mobilise foot soldiers whilst gaining opportunities to engage with the local electorate and discuss policy as folk approach us themselves.

It is noticeable that these days the UKIP stall gets a good reception. People exchange fond glances and approving head nods to us. UKIP has gained their respect. A far cry from the first stall I took and managed single handedly a few years ago when I was sneered and laughed at. Now, we are a proper branch encompassing an enthusiastic whole team. They’re not laughing now!

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