UKIP Overtake LibDems


Good news for Nigel Farage, UKIP Leader as his party achieves a significant break through

Latest poll shows the UK Independence Party has overtaken the LibDems to become the third party in British politics. This is a very significant event.


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The UK Independence Party became the second British political party at the last European Parliament elections, forcing Labour into third place and the LibDems into forth place. At the time, the result was dismissed as a British protest vote against the EU by voters lending their votes to the UK Independence Party just for that one election.

Since then, the UK Independence Party has been quietly gaining voter support for local and national elections, with politicians from the three old failed parties beginning to defect to the UK Independence Party. The question has remained – can they generate enough voter support to start winning seats in Councils and at Westminster?

The latest poll suggests that they have broken through that barrier and although they continue to draw voters away from the Conservative Party, they are now drawing voters away from Labour and the LibDems.

With the May local government elections coming up, the UK Independence Party looks to be well-placed to start winning seats, with European elections coming up and the UK national elections two years away, giving time to get funding in place for a serious assault on the three old failed and discredited parties.

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