Uncertainties remain in Government National Cyber Security Strategy


Cyber Security – a Government 40 year history of ignoring infosec specialists to ‘save’ money for other things – BSD Editor

Ed Parsons, Associate Director at MWR Infosecurity, comments: “While this is a welcome increase to the UK’s focus on its cyber defence capabilities, some uncertainties remain.




“It is unclear from where the government will find 50 cybercrime specialists for the NCA when there is such a massive skills shortage within the industry. The necessary changes to recruitment within the industry will not be achieved overnight. Instead, the reality is this government-backed initiative should be seen as a multi-year, perhaps generational effort to drive sufficient numbers of specialists into cyber security.


“With corporations competing for the same resources, we would like to see more emphasis on apprenticeships, internships and exchanges. UK plc is a great place to work on fascinating and challenging cyber projects and we should be realistic that people undertaking training will want to experience the full range of subjects incorporated within the sector.


“Finally, while the government’s statement focuses on boosting the NCA’s capability and specific measures to tackle the volume of cybercrime, there appears to be little mention of nation state action, which has shifted from espionage towards disruptive attacks and overtly political action. The UK must devote attention to the threats posed by such political players, as well as the more day-to-day threats that cost members of the public dearly.”

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