Unions to Destabilize Government


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Fat Cats on Parade

At a time of austerity, resulting from a scandalous, incompetent, profligate Blair Brown Regime, Public Service Union “fat cats” prepare to bring down the British Government.


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Public Service Unions have been mobilized by Ed “Wallace” Milliband and Ed “Popeye” Balls in an attempt to bring down the Coalition Government.

The Union leaders are being paid by their members more than £90,000, plus benefits, a year bringing them firmly into the fat cat category. How much more they are paid is unknown because they try to hide recent pay and benefits increases but at least one Union leader is rumored to have received a 23% increase in earnings during the last twelve months at a time when many Union members are suffering pay freezes as employers attempt to reduce redundancies.

On Thursday the education of school children across England and Wales will be severely disrupted as public service unions hold a one day strike during pensions negotiations to demonstrate that they can do serious damage to the British economy and increase unemployment.

The Coalition Government has begun a detailed examination of laws relating to Unions and strike action as public service unions threaten to bring down the Government and the country. Favored improvements to the laws included banning employers from paying union activists so that unions directly bear the full cost of their operations. In the public sector, this could save £120 million a year at current rates. Also on the agenda is a change in the law to make political contributions by Union members a matter of members opting-in rather than the current situation where they are forced to opt-out. The laws on strike ballots are also due for a change to require at least 40% of a Union’s members to vote in favor of a strike and a requirement that the ballot must be voted by more than 50% of the total membership. In some of the current ballots, strike action has been called after fewer than 15% of the total membership had voted for a strike.

Under the Blair Brown Regime (1997-2010) the public sector was massively increased and the pay of public employees was increased by a sizeable percentage beyond equivalent pay in the private commercial section. In some cases, pay advanced to more than four times the pay of equivalent private sector workers. Along with massive increases in the numbers of public sector staff and rate of pay, pensions and other benefits were massively increased. In the private sector, the last 12 months has seen pay fall and pensions have been significantly reduced, making the gap between private sector workers and “fat cat” public sector workers even wider.

The public sector unions are determined to maintain this serious imbalance in pay and pensions, and increase it further. The Union and Labour view is that if private sector workers want to improve they pay and pensions, closing the gap on public sector pay and pensions, they should become public employees. Unfortunately public sector workers are a drain on the economy, many occupying non-jobs, and only the private sector workers are able to help pull Britain out of its economic mess that was left by the Blair Brown Regime.


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