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Now that the immigration amnesty bill has passed the Senate, the Republican Party establishment is bringing out the big guns to ram it through the House.


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Grassroots Tea Party volunteers across America must rise up like never before and fight back. This is a battle between ordinary Americans and the professional politicians who have sold their souls to the big-government special interests.

Please, make a generous emergency contribution of $15, $25, $50, or whatever you can afford immediately to Tea Party Patriots’ “Operation: Uphold the Rule of Law in the House.”

You see, we need to bombard House Republicans with so many calls, faxes, emails, and ads that they will ignore their leaders and put Americans first.

Please help us raise $35,000 immediately in order to fund this critical operation.

The Republicans just trotted out Budget Chairman Paul Ryan to try to blunt our efforts. He’s appearing on news shows across the country, going on and on about how conservatives should give up the fight and support this bill.

He claims that adding millions and millions more people to the welfare rolls will somehow “help” our fiscal situation!

Then, there is Jeb Bush. He is running around screaming about how Republicans should help turn America into the largest welfare state in human history through this bill in order to win over Hispanic voters.


The American people don’t want big government.

They don’t want millions of illegal immigrants to be given amnesty. They understand that we need to find a solution to our immigration problem, but not without securing the borders first.

There are already laws on the books that require the border to be secure, so how can the American people be confident that a new law will make any difference?

Washington can’t be trusted, and until we see results on the border, we aren’t willing to talk amnesty.

And that is the point we must drive home. That is the goal of Operation: Uphold the Rule of Law in the House!

Please, please make the very best donation you possibly can.

Unfortunately, this titanic immigration battle has come right on the heels of our wildly successful “Audit the IRS rally” and our campaign to halt this bill in the Senate.

That makes it more important than ever that we raise the funds to properly fund this operation.

We must now rise $35,000 immediately to help fund Operation: Uphold the Rule of Law in the House.

We must pay for online phone banks, media events, and local street rallies around the country.

We must zero in on each and every weak and wavering Republican. We must force him or her to make a choice between their constituents back home, and their establishment Republican “leaders.”

Please do what you can.

The pressure on rank and file GOP members in the House will be unbelievable. The establishment will stop at NOTHING to push this bill through.

They will entice members with bribes, plum committee assignments, fundraisers, pork-barrel spending and all-expense-paid overseas “fact-finding” trips.

We must overcome all that pressure. We must mobilize like never before.

This is the biggest legislative battle since Obamacare. We must win it.

Please help me raise this urgent $35,000 to fund Operation: Uphold the Rule of Law in the House. Please donate whatever you can today!

For Freedom,

The Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

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