Urgent news on amnesty

We all thought that the amnesty debate was settled for a while, but a few liberal Republican Congressmen have brought amnesty for illegal immigrants back to the forefront.


As of right now, 21 moderate Republicans from vulnerable Congressional districts have signed a petition to have a floor vote on amnesty. If they get to 25, they will partner with the Democrats to force a vote to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.

This amnesty discharge petition has dangerous immigration consequences and is just another liberal plot to make amnesty a reality in this country.

It is a serious threat to our national security, and we can’t let it happen!

It’s up to conservatives like you to stop this vote from happening now. Please make a gift to Heritage Action now to block amnesty >>

Block Amnesty >>

Heritage Action is pressuring every single Republican to block this amnesty scheme and not sign the petition.

Because of generous and dedicated supporters like you, Heritage Action is in the midst of the fight and ready to hold these lawmakers accountable.

Remember — if this petition gets 25 Republican signatures, these revolting Republicans will undermine the rest of the Republican Party and give control of the immigration debate back to the liberal, amnesty-loving Democrats. And if that happens, nothing will stop them from granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.

That is why Heritage Action is monitoring the situation closely and working with conservative allies in Congress to make sure this amnesty scheme doesn’t see one more Republican endorsement.

You can rally the conservative grassroots and unleash our government relations team to stop this rebellion from getting any more out of hand with a gift to Heritage Action today.

With your support, we can apply pressure on Capitol Hill and across the country though our grassroots army, to block this unlawful, full-scale amnesty plot.

Thank you for being a Heritage Action supporter. You are making a difference for our country.


Tim Chapman
Chief Operating Officer
Heritage Action for America