Urgent—Support these tried and true conservatives.

Unless conservative patriots nationwide rally in defense of our pro-Trump, pro-borders, pro-jobs, pro-AMERICA friends in the House and Senate, the Left could sweep the elections and take total power on Capitol Hill.


Before it’s too late, rally behind pro-liberty allies and give President Trump the support he needs to finish the job!

We have our work cut our for us with the Republican establishment RINOs. But the Pelosi-Schumer liberals are completely unhinged and are on a militant crusade to steal as much as your liberty as possible if they take power. They are aggressively campaigning on gun control and they are also promising to raise your taxes. Don’t let them win! Your Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund gift will help re-elect our endorsed candidates, including:

  • Senator Ted Cruz, running for re-election against Chuck Schumer’s hand-picked liberal challenger in Texas;
  • Conservative businessman Kevin Nicholson, running to defeat left-wing radical Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate race;
  • West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrissey, a “no-compromise” conservative taking on Democrat Joe Manchin in a state President Trump carried in a massive landslide;
  • Congressman Louis Gohmert, a fearless conservative who votes with us 100% of the time no matter what;
  • Conservative activist Chip Roy, who previously served on Senator Cruz’s staff and is now running for Congress in a GOP-leaning seat in Texas;

With the Democrats going even farther to the Left, and the Republican establishment so cowardly in defense of President Trump, we can’t afford to lose any of these races, so please help RESIST THE LEFT with your generous campaign gift ASAP.

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin
Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund

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