Urgent: Tell them to STAND UP!

We had our “Keep Your Promises” rally on Saturday, delivering a bold message, in-person — just a stone’s throw from the offices of our U.S. Senators:

  • Keep your promises and deliver job-creating tax reform that helps working families!
  • Keep your promises and build the wall to protect our sovereignty!
  • Keep your promises and repeal ObamaCare . . . all of it!


Now the real work begins.

As we learned yesterday, Congress – AGAIN – betrayed the central promise of the 2016 campaign and failed to repeal ObamaCare. While the Graham-Cassidy bill was far from perfect, you and other patriots rightly saw it as a last ditch effort to get SOMETHING done on ObamaCare as a “first step” in the long-term effort to completely get rid of the ex-president’s socialist disaster.


DONATE NOW to tell Congress to STAND UP!

The fact that Congress can’t even roll back ObamaCare just a little bit exposes how dishonest and cowardly many of these people are. They begged for our votes last year, promised us (over and over again!) they’d repeal ObamaCare immediately, and yet here we are…

  • The job-killing taxes and regulations are hurting us, and the punishing mandates are sending our premiums skyrocketing up and hurting millions of families.

Enough. We aren’t going to just accept this. Tell Congress to STAND UP by giving $50, $30, or $15 now!

Just like the NFL shouldn’t tolerate players who won’t stand up for the National Anthem, the American people shouldn’t tolerate politicians who won’t stand up and vote the way they promised!

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin
Tea Party Patriots

P.S.   Whether or not you made it to our “Keep Your Promises” rally in DC last weekend, your support is important as we fight against the swamp. On ObamaCare, tax reform, the debt, border security, and other real issues, we need to hammer our message home: Politicians need to stand for us and keep their promises. Please help your Tea Party Patriots fight and win!