This is URGENT. The 2nd Quarter fundraising deadline is now under 48 hours away and we are still behind on our quarterly goal. The end-of-quarter deadline is especially important because we’re expecting Bob Casey (who, as you’ll recall, has called on President Trump to resign) to have well over $10,000,000.00 in the bank. That’s A LOT of negative ads!


Will you help us catch up with a donation of whatever you can afford by 11:59 PM on Saturday? Your generous donation will help us finish the quarter strong and match Casey’s numbers!

Bob Casey may have a campaign war chest of $10,000,000.00+ from coastal elites, however, our campaign has always relied on grassroots donors such as yourself. We know we can succeed, but we need the help of supporters like you!

Your continuous support means a lot!



Team Barletta