VfB calls for defence spending to rise to 3% of GDP



Last month, we said that we would provide you with ammunition to question candidates ahead of the General Election on 8th June.┬áToday we wanted to share with you VfB’s latest research paper, on Defence spending, which is already proving to be a key subject on the campaign trail.



2% Margins of Defence Effectiveness“, written by Lt-Gen Jonathon Riley, former Deputy Commander of ISAF Forces in Afghanistan, calls for defence spending to rise to 3% by 2022.

In summary:

  • The UK needs to adjust its Defence Spending so as to honestly fulfil the 2% budget target as a minimum, not a target
  • The 2% target was effectively pulled out of a hat and should not be taken as a
    certain bodyguard to national security
  • The long term aim by the end of the next Parliament should be a 3% Defence share of GDP
  • Extra spending should be transitioned and better managed, so as to reduce the risk of waste
  • The extra funding should accompany strategic revisions of national and global security priorities in the wake of Brexit. A series of discussion points are raised for review.

Please use this document to question and hold your parliamentary candidates and future government to account on this most important of issues!

Later this week, we will send you a number of specific questions for you to ask candidates at hustings, together with what VfB believe should be in the parties’ manifestos on defence.

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The Veterans for Britain Team