Waiting No Longer


Gordon Brown, Scottish Prime Minister non-elect

Gordon Brown has been crowned as the successor to Tony Blair who is hoping for a lucrative new career as a ‘special envoy’ to the Middle East, one of the least obvious candidates for the job given his reputation as George Bush’s poodle.

Gordon Brown facing testing times. His first task is to try to convince the British people that he had nothing to do with the Blair/Brown regime and is a completely new politician untainted by ten years of national socialist excess. A difficult trick to pull off!! – given that his finger prints are all over every act of this discredited regime.


Alex Salmon, the real Scottish Prime Minister

At the same time he has to face the fact that his meddling with Constitutional matters has resulted in a Scottish Parliament with its own First Minister.

Gordon Brown, as a Scottish MP, is now tasked with leading a Parliament that will be setting English policy, supported by a Cabinet made up largely by Scottish MPs. This means that he will be attempting to impose conditions on the English that he would vote against for Scotland.

As Tony Blair has resigned also as an MP his English constituency is no vacant and there will be a by election for a new English MP. Looks Brown has missed the opportunity to resign his Scottish seat and stand for the safe English seat.

Brown’s first days officially in control have been chequered. Having claimed that his coronation means the end of spin and national socialist deceit have been wrecked by his bungled attempt to persuade the Liberal Democrats to become his stooges. Then he staged a typical Blair/Stalin stunt with the defection of a Conservative MP to his Party, only for it to transpire that Dave Cameron had been trying to dump the MP for months, and MP who has consistently voted against Blair/Brown regime legislation and policies, being a paid up member of Old Tory.


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