Want Trump’s SCOTUS nominee confirmed? You must show up.

Are you tired of all the winning yet? We sure aren’t! And hasn’t the winning this week been incredible?


First, there were three Supreme Court decisions that all landed on the side of free speech and individual rights. Second, Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court, meaning President Trump gets the opportunity to appoint another great justice to the high court.

This is an opportunity to cement an originalist, constitutional majority on the Supreme Court for at least a generation.

But… there’s a problem: the unhinged left and the Democrat party.

The left-wing-Democrat-media-Hollywood-academia-tech-industrial complex is already on the warpath. Leaders in the Democrat party – in Congress! – are calling for the harassment, intimidation, and abuse of anyone who supports President Trump. They don’t want us to be able to enjoy a meal out, shop, or even put gas in our cars.

The news of Justice Kennedy’s retirement has caused an outburst among the left that is just as bad, if not worse, than after the election in 2016. They will stop at nothing to obstruct President Trump’s SCOTUS nominee, and they will surely attempt to destroy the person that accepts the nomination.

Which brings me to my two important messages for you today.

We. Must. Show. Up. We must start showing up NOW. You can start by signing our petition to support the next nominee. The US Senate must be prepared to quickly confirm another justice in the mold of Neil Gorsuch and Antonin Scalia this fall, and signing the petition is an easy way to show support.

Confirm the Next Supreme Court Justice

We must show up over the summer at the town halls held by our Representatives and Senators. We must show up at rallies and public meetings. We must show up at local businesses that the left targets for harassment. We must show up wherever we can to support President Trump’s nominee and the GOP Senators that will be the targets of brutal campaigns against them – and even possible violence – simply for supporting the nominee. The left has promised to shut down every town hall, to cause chaos and destruction, to occupy offices and public spaces, to hound and hunt Trump supporters and GOP members of Congress – and their families!

Which brings me to my second message…

We have been where the leftists are – angry and frustrated with the direction of the country. The difference is that we always urged our supporters to use the existing system to make changes peacefully; the system our Founders left in place for us. Furthermore, Tea Party activists didn’t need to be reminded of this because you all respect the Constitution and the rule of law, and you understand the need to act peacefully to preserve our nation.

With the left ratcheting up their rhetoric, and the violence and harassment we have already seen, it is imperative that we remain peaceful, positive, happy warriors. Of course, we must be safe and use common sense, but we can fight joyfully, demonstrating the spirit of our country and the ideals and values enshrined in our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Do not let them bait you into saying or doing something you regret. They want viciousness and anger. Don’t give it to them.

Let’s just keep making America great again.

Keep a very close eye on your email and texts from us as we will keep you informed about the real news and about actions we need to take. Don’t get our texts? Text your email address to 404-996-1717 and we’ll sign you up.

Make Washington Work Again:
Borders, Budgets, and Our Sacred Rights

Make sure to register for our conference this July in Washington, D.C. as well. We will have a Supreme Court briefing as well as panels on the 2nd Amendment, including information from the Firearms Policy Coalition, and a panel with survivors and surviving siblings of murdered students to discuss non-gun control solutions; members of Congress; our newest documentary premiere at The Heritage Foundation; real news from the border; networking, training, and more.


It’s going to be a busy summer and fall. Are you ready? We are.

In liberty,

Jenny Beth