War Won

Cartoon super hero and unelected Scottish Prime Minister “Bottler” Brown is to announce that once again he has saved the world – this time by winning the War on Global Warming

“Bottler” is citing as evidence the recent cold weather in the United Kingdom that has caused everything to grind to a halt and similar cold weather across the Globe. He will claim that this is a result of his leadership of the World and the magnificent victory at Copenhagen, AKA NoHopenhagen, when the lesser world leaders accepted the brilliance of his leadership.

Now that the War has been won, “Bottler” will be introducing swinging new taxes on wind turbines, recycling schemes, electric vehicles and other originally eco-friendly attempts to reverse Global Warming. He will also announce that penal taxes on 4X4 vehicles, coal burning and land fill will remain in place just in case there is a temporary increase in Global Temperatures.

“Bottler’s” sidekick Ed Ballsup is reported to be preparing a new campaign slogan for the forthcoming British General Election – “Vote New Labour – Vote New Ice Age”


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