WATCH: The threat to our civilisation that only UKIP stands against

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At first it may seem strange that just 8 days before a UK General Election, I travelled to Strasbourg this morning to give a speech in the European Parliament. But it should become clear after you watch and share this video.

The crisis in the Mediterranean has shed light on the idea that there should be a common European migration and asylum policy that I believe poses a threat to our civilisation.
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Mr Cameron and Mr Miliband both can’t and won’t address this issue. They know there are no opt outs. They know that as an EU member state, we will likely have to accept the idea of “burden sharing” for illegal migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees. And they know that the British government will be rendered impotent on this issue. That’s why they won’t talk about it.

But I will.

I stood up for the British people in the European Parliament today and said NO to this policy.

Of course UKIP understands that there is a humanitarian crisis. Of course we realise that human beings are suffering. But as I argue in the video, not only have we caused this by forcing Libya to be a failed state, after bombing it, but also Europe keeps Africa in poverty with its agricultural and fisheries policies. I believe, if such a term can be used, that UKIP occupies the ‘progressive’ ground on this issue.

That’s why I want you to watch this video, and share it with your friends and family. People should know what’s going on here.

And only one party is willing to be brutally honest about the extremist threat, as well as the potential new burden on our public services caused by another wave of mass migration.

Unless there are UKIP MPs in the House of Commons after May 7th, I fear we will be led into this common European policy, and be forced to absorb what could be millions of people over the next few years, something that our country can ill-afford.

At least if we have common sense voices in our own Parliament, we can begin to fight back against this policy, as well as do what is right, and best, to stop these migrants suffering and dying, just like the Australians have done.

Kind regards,

Nigel Farage
Leader of the UK Independence Party

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