Watson’s Dodgy Flat Mate

Watson’s Dodgy Flat Mate

by guidobard

watson hackett



Another member of Team Watson has become embroiled in scandal, with Sandwell Councillor Simon Hackett being investigated over allegations he got the council to buy back his mum’s house. More recently, Hackett’s alleged to have been given a fixed penalty notice for an incident of indecent exposure in March. Awkward for Watson who has had a high profile as the Nonce Catcher General

The closeness of Watson and Hackett appears to be rather embarrassing for Labour’s number two. One local blogger alleges that the bent councillor and Watson were flatmates in 2012, sharing an address on the electoral roll, while a co-conspirator claims Hackett was Watson’s very own election agent. Watson’s storied history of dodgy housing and crooked mates continues…

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