We need more warriors and fewer RINOs.

Elected officials who will keep their promises are in short supply.

When our so-called “Republican leaders” cut deals with the Pelosi-Schumer Democrats to pile $400 billion of new spending on top of the $20 trillion debt we’ve already got on our backs, it’s clear we need to deliver another message to the elites at the ballot box this year.


We are already endorsing the strongest conservatives with the strongest backbones, and your donation to Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund will make a big difference for pro-liberty candidates for the House and Senate who are under attack by the big-spending liberals every day.

While we grow our majority with strong-willed candidates, we also cannot let our allies in Washington (like Rep. Dave Brat, Rep. Steve King, and others) get overwhelmed by liberal challengers. The left’s campaign accounts are stuffed to the brim thanks to lobbyists, corporate PACs, Hollywood, left-wing billionaires, and open-borders globalists.

That’s why I am asking you to please make an urgent gift to help reinforce our most loyal allies, and grow our ranks, as they ramp up their 2018 campaigns.

The first Primary Elections are coming up in just a few weeks, so make your Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund donation ASAP to ensure more pro-Trump conservative fighters head to Washington after this year’s elections.

Our pro-liberty friends in the House and Senate desperately need reinforcements, so please don’t delay.

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin

P.S. The Primary Elections in Texas are coming up in just a few weeks. We’ve already endorsed former Ted Cruz Chief of Staff, Chip Roy, who is running for Congress in an open seat. We need this hard-charging patriot not just to win, but to emerge with strong momentum. This is the first big hurdle for our movement when it comes to the 2018 elections, with many more to come, so please make your special Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund gift today. Thank you as always, Ian, for your loyal support.