Weekly news roundup – Tusk tries to shake more out of May’s money tree

The Prime Minister returns from another silly EU summit today, none the wiser as to whether Britain will be granted passage to the trade phase of talks come the final summit of the year, next month.




 Jean-Claude Juncker has been doing his best to pretend Europe is going places by gathering EU leaders in Gothenburg for a laughable meeting on ‘Social Europe’, a programme to foster greater equality, higher welfare and job growth, objectives the EU is totally unequipped for. They said that about the Euro of course, but that didn’t stop them.

The cretinous Juncker thinks it a great idea to rub everyone’s faces in more Europe, all the while, one of its most powerful members is very loudly saying, ‘no Europe’.

Brexit has ruined Mr Juncker’s party. All the media attention has been focused on separate one-on-one meetings between the British Prime Minister and her Irish counterpart, and Donal Tusk. Taoiseach Leo Varadkar was reportedly deployed to lure Theresa May into committing to a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic, a move designed to incense the DUP, further destabilising her government.

Tusk meanwhile, was out to threaten the Prime Minister with a Canada-style trade deal if she doesn’t give up even more concessions, including open borders and of course money, the deadline for which he extended from one week to two.

A trade agreement of such exceptional scope and depth as Canada’s one with the EU may sound ideal to readers of this Newsletter – high-level of market access, no migration and sovereignty-sapping strings attached, what’s not to like? – but the PM is staking her flagging reputation on something deeper and more comprehensive, which the European Council President is using to his advantage.

David Davis has tried to remedy the situation by telling the BBC it’s time for the EU to compromise, but so long as we behave like the gift that keeps on giving, there’s no chance of the EU softening its position.

Davis himself is guilty of this. At a PR event organised by his department in Berlin last night, the Brexit Secretary told leading German businessmen a cash offering would be made to the EU in early December, just in time for Tusk’s deadline, which was yet to be revealed. It’s hard to overcome the feeling both sides are on friendlier terms behind the scenes than they let on. That’s the Establishment for you.

As Mrs May makes her way south from the historic Swedish city she should contemplate the shocking waves of migration crashing against Britain’s stretched public services. They deserve a great deal more consideration than her reputation.

According to the ONS, 2.37m EU migrants are currently working in the UK, the highest number on record, so much for everyone leaving at the first signs of Brexit, as the liberal media would have you believe. The latest labour market data also reveals a 90,000 person surge in migration from Romania and Bulgaria over the last year.

Parliament was dominated by the slow passage of the EU Withdrawal Bill this week. After two days of debate, the government managed to cling on to its vision of Brexit by winning every vote put to the House of Commons, but with six more days of debate due to be set – and 15 troublesome Tory traitors waiting for their chance to strike – Theresa May cannot become too complacent.

Controversy centred on a number of issues including the use of so-called Henry VIII powers – which would allow the government to alter EU laws introduced into UK law without full scrutiny – and the definitive setting of an exit date.

15 Tory rebels have threatened to join Labour MPs in trying to derail the process – among them Nicky Morgan, Anna Soubry, and former attorney general Dominic Grieve. Despite every single one bar Ken Clarke backing moves to trigger the Brexit process by invoking Article 50 – which mandates British withdrawal from the European Union by the end of the allotted negotiating period – they now oppose fixing the Brexit date in law.

The rebels include Sarah Wollaston – the duplicitous Europhile who pretended to support the Leave campaign for a brief stint last year so she could dramatically “defect” to the Remain camp and win headlines. Any lingering belief that Wollaston’s conversion from Euroscepticism completely genuine will have been dashed by her actions over the past week.

Depressingly, it looks like turncoats of the Wollaston variety and traitors of Clarke and Soubry infamy will succeed in denying the hugely symbolic amendment, which is sponsored by the Prime Minister herself. There have been “various constructive suggestions” on the issue, and the Government would “listen to ideas”, commented Justice Secretary David Lidington on Thursday, Westminster waffle for failure.

But the fightback is starting with Brexit legend Nigel Farage taking to the floor of the European Parliament this week to expose the terrifying web of influence spun by billionaire globalist and puppet master George Soros.

Farage revealed how Soros has ploughed billions of dollars into political groups in recent years, and how his Open Society Foundation counted hundreds of European Parliament members among its “reliable friends”.

Soros’s influence spans the globe. The Hungarian government leads the way in opposing his influence. The Israeli government have supported their criticisms of Soros, while Westmonster have revealed his meetings with top EU officials and his delight in the easy availability of Hillary Clinton – then the presumed next President of the United States.

Our own investigation has exposed Soros’s fingerprints on our political system. He has paid out big grants to activist groups like HOPE not hate. Meanwhile, Soros-linked groups head the Best for Britain campaign, which backed numerous MPs at the general election, using money raised through a legal loophole providing anonymity to donors.

Yet another music legend has come out against the sick campaign to overturn our vote. Noel Gallagher didn’t mince his words in an interview on Facebook Live. “It was put to the people as a vote. The people voted. That’s democracy. F*cking get over it!”

Gallagher didn’t back Leave during the referendum and opposed the vote going ahead, but he’s finally seeing sense. Like most of the country, Gallagher is disgusted at attempts to undo the will of the people – “they used to call that fascism”.

He joins Ringo Starr, Morrissey, Bryan Adams, Who frontman Roger Daltrey, and Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson as a supporter of our break from Brussels.

The European establishment can always rely on globalist billionaire plotters like Soros, but that doesn’t mean the EU finds itself in rude health. Quite the opposite: patriotic Poland is causing all sorts of headaches for those wishing to ruin national pride and tradition.

The country has long resisted mad EU moves to impose migration quotas on member states, and its government has drawn ire from Brussels bureaucrats for its devotion to the Polish people.

Now the European Parliament has called on Member States to invoke Article 7 against Poland – which would strip the country of its voting rights in the European Council.

Eurocrats have offered tenuous arguments for their action, but with the Polish Government enjoying record popularity at home, it’s clear that the EU is now acting in frustration. As the situation escalates, don’t be surprised to see Poland following the United Kingdom out of the EU exit door.

In economic news: Jacob Rees-Mogg hailed huge opportunities for Britain to benefit massively from a clean Brexit while industrial output soared, growth touched every part of the country, Michael Bloomberg admitted that London will continue its dominance post-Brexit, and revenues were shown to have risen for the UK’s biggest 350 firms.

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