We’re coming for you, America-hating communists.

Spread the word – The Commies are Coming

Biden leaving his bunker no wonder his Campaign team dont want him seen in public

Biden now endorsed by the Communist Party

I often write to you with reasons about why President Trump absolutely must be re-elected because there are so many reasons. And, in order to help him, you need to be able to explain to others what these reasons are, and why it is necessary that he wins again.

What is the reason today?




Well, you may have heard that Angela Davis – the former Communist Party USA Vice Presidential candidate, supplier of the weapon used to murder a judge,1  former Black Panther, Marxist academic, and known anti-Semite – recently said voting for Joe Biden this November is critical because he is the candidate “who can be most effectively pressured” by the left.2

America-hater Ilhan Omar also said, “I am voting for Biden, because a vote for Biden is one for ourselves.”


The most radical parts of the Democratic party know, without a doubt, that if Joe Biden wins, in reality, the extremists win. And, if they win, they will control the full power and might of the federal government.


I want to be really clear with you so that you know where I and Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund stand, and that we are not afraid to call it out publicly. When I say radicals and extremists, I one-hundred percent mean communists. Full-fledged communists. Even worse is that today’s communists are also Critical Race Theory3 zealots who are re-segregating society, celebrating and promoting racism under the guise of “anti-racism,” and using the iron fist of authoritarianism to punish anyone who dares to stand up for actual equality for all.


So, how do you and I fight this? There are lot of steps we must take to fight and to win, but the first big step is getting President Trump re-elected. If we lose, the fight will become much, much more difficult to win.


Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund is already working hard to re-elect President Trump through our 2020 Patriot Project.


The first phase of our Get Out The Vote (GOTV) project is sending postcards with handwritten notes from volunteers, encouraging voters to make sure they vote for President Trump again in the upcoming election. Below is an email we recently received from one of our volunteers:

“It was a joy and privilege to be able to be some help in getting President Trump re-elected. Am looking forward for four more years of great progress in Making America Great Again. I pray that we will be able to keep a majority in the Senate and have a majority in the US Congress. God Bless You.”  – Larry T.

Future phases will include GOTV activities like voter-to-voter text messaging, phone banking, and more.


We just bought voter data for Michigan, and need to buy data for Pennsylvania next. We are targeting the swing states that President Trump won in 2016 and absolutely must win again in 2020 in order to defeat Joe Biden. The good news is that we can buy one set of voter data and use it for all of the different phases and activities of the 2020 Patriot Project. We don’t need to buy it again for each different GOTV activity.


This is where your help can make all the difference. Can you chip in with a gift of $100, $50, $25, or a gift of any size to help me purchase more voter data? The more data we have, the more voters we can reach in more states. The more voters we can reach, the more votes there will be for President Trump.


And, don’t forget, we have to win by enough to overcome the fraud that we know occurs, especially this year if the Democrats get their wish for universal mail-in voting. Every vote matters, and I need your help to turn them all out.


You and I can beat Angela Davis and the other communists trying to take over America, but not without a fight, and not without winning in November. Let’s get to work!


God Bless America,


Jenny Beth Martin