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For the last several weeks, we have been putting together tool kits with suggested resources and recommended activities for local coordinators. We have heard from several Members of Congress that your letters and phone calls are making a big impact, and this week we want to put even more pressure on the Hill offices to stop the amnesty bill!


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As you know, the Senate is currently attempting to ram through a 1,000+ page piece of legislation that would grant immediate amnesty to more than 11 million people without fixing our broken border security. USCIS and ICE, the nation’s two major immigration enforcement agencies, both oppose the Senate amnesty bill because they say it would make our immigration system worse and would actually weaken our border security.

This week we are asking everyone to call and write your United States Senators and ask them to vote no on the motion to proceed on amnesty.

Check out the resources available on this page to see how you can make your voice heard this week. Remember, we only have a few more weeks to stop the amnesty bill in the Senate!

Thanks for all of your continued work,
Tea Party Patriots Support Team

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