Were you there that day?

It was ten years ago today that over 35,000 American patriots protested in 48 cities against the nearly one trillion dollar “stimulus” package that President Obama signed into law on February 17, 2009. While some of you were there that day, and others joined our movement later, all of you are a part of a movement that has definitively altered the course of American history.


We were told – and it was pretty accurate at that moment – that with the election of President Obama and the large majorities of Democrats in both chambers of Congress, America was becoming a socialist nation. Newsweek magazine ran a cover that proclaimed, “We Are All Socialists Now,” and the author stated, “…the America of 2009 is moving toward a modern European state.”


But, something happened that no one in the world of politics expected. You. You answered the call to defend your nation, your Constitution, and your values against power-hungry, big-government authoritarians. In just a few weeks, the media went from talking about how America was moving towards European-style socialism to talking about the US Constitution, government overspending and overreach, individual rights, and the principles of limited government.

Can you help us mail an organizer kit to all of the local leaders who have stepped up to organize Stop Socialism and Choose Freedom rallies on April 15, 2019? We have nearly 100 organizers signed up already! If you are able to donate $10/month as a member of our 1st Brigade, you can help us prepare and equip tea party leaders across the country!

Your work in the tea party movement helped to shine a light on the creeping socialism that Democrats tried to hide by using the language of freedom to describe their coercive policies. We also learned, from a study done by researchers at Harvard and others, that public displays of activism are very persuasive and have an effect on elections. The public demonstrations, starting with the February 27, 2009 protests, absolutely played a role in our historic win of the House of Representatives in 2010.

That’s why the tea party movement is taking to the streets again on April 15th with our Stop Socialism and Choose Freedom rallies. You can influence legislation, policy, and the next elections by getting involved today. Your donation of $100, $50, or even $25 right now will fund the shipment of more organizer kits for April 15th so that activists have the support they need to make a difference one community at a time.

I recently heard someone note – in discussing political activism – that in a war, an individual soldier may lose his life, but it doesn’t mean the war itself is lost. What the speaker meant was this: you are a part of something bigger than just you, and even though the battle is bigger than you and will long outlast your lifetime, your contributions are essential in the eternal battle between liberty and tyranny.


That resonated with me so much because we can look at this fight in one of two ways. We can lament that we haven’t accomplished everything we set out to do ten years ago, or we can recognize that we each play a role in the fight for freedom, and that the fight will go on long after we die because the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.


I invite you to continue your fight for freedom, knowing that your role is vitally important, even though our time on Earth is finite. The eternal battle in which we are engaged began long before our tea party movement started, but the light of liberty was passed on to us, and it is our duty to safeguard and steward it, to pass it on to future generations of Americans.

Happy anniversary, patriots!

With you until the end,

Jenny Beth Martin


P.S. We estimate our organizer kits will cost approximately $30 each to ship out to local leaders. The kits will contain a how-to guide, a t-shirt, stickers, posters, and more. With your generosity, we can recruit more organizers and ship out more kits. Please consider sponsoring one or more organizer kits with a donation of $30, $60, or $90 today, and thank you for every action you take, big or small, to continue the legacy of freedom left to us by our Founding Fathers.