What Part of NO don’t you understand?


The EUSSR, Keeping the Red Flag Flying

The third momentous event of week ending June 14 was the decisive NO vote in Ireland on the Constitution for the EUSSR.

The Eurocrats were momentarily struck dumb by this inability of the Irish to vote as they were told. Silence didn’t last long. Within hours Eurocrats were trying to tell us that the Irish No vote really meant YES and they would be given a few months to reflect on their mental failure before being given a second chance to vote the right way.

So you think thats crazy? – it worked with the Danes, who voted not to join the EUSSR and then were given a second chance to correct their malefaction


“Bottler” Brown, Scottish Prime Minister Unelected, Eurocrat and enemy of the people

“Bottler” Brown was leant on to ratify the constitution for Britain even though the British were promised a referendum. The idea was to put pressure on the Irish by forcing all the other EUSSR states to ratify. Then the Polish President showed backbone, statesmanship and good sense by refusing to sign for Poland because any attempt to ignore the Irish would make the EUSSR ungovernable because any attempt to break the established rules would mean that there were no rules. The Irish Prime Minister turned the knife by pointing out honestly, even if he would rather have seen a YES vote, that the Irish constitution required a referendum, but made no provision for holding as many as might be required to obtain a different vote.

During the time since the Irish vote, the EUSSR and its political elite have continued to demonstrate how out of touch they are with the wishes of the people of Europe. It is now clear that there is an overwhelming desire throughout Europe to halt the process of Super State integration and suspension of democracy. Some polls now suggest that there is also a majority in favour of the dismantling of the existing Eurocratic structures and for a return of power to the member states. Only the Eurocrats and the political elite are still enthusiastic about moving rapidly to form the most powerful Super State and take on the US and China, while gorging on the ‘perks’ of lavish expenses and politburo advantage.

Why not just make July 4 European Independence Day? – No Taxation Without Representation !!!

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