What would you do to win?

You know what Democrats are doing in their impeachment sham, which is meant for the sole purpose of overturning our elections, right? They’re using the same playbook they used against Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings because they know they’re losing on the facts – again – thanks to the work from patriots like you who are a part of our Trump Defense Team.






It’s drip… drip… drip.


The Democrats and the Deep State, with the help of their friends in the media, are releasing “surprise” fabricated stories and false accusations against the President in the 11th hour. And don’t even get me started on “Book Deal” Bolton!


It is pure insanity that we live in an age where one party can openly admit they are simply afraid that they can’t win the next election, and so, they’re using OUR government to take out their opposition! If it were up to them, they’d call off elections for good and just decide themselves who gets to be in power!


But you know what? You and I fought back together, as part of a coalition against the left’s lies about Justice Kavanaugh, and we are doing it again – you are doing it again – and I’m confident that with your work and support, our President and our Constitution will emerge victorious!


Our Trump Defense Team is on the front lines with activists all over the country utilizing the resources that you’ve made possible for us to create. You can support this work with a gift of $25 or $50 and help us bring the heat to the Democrats and their unjust, sham impeachment!


And here is something really important: We can win without stooping to their level. We don’t need fake stories and lies like the desperate, pathetic, corrupt left. We have the truth on our side and a President who takes the arrows for us, so let’s do this!


Humbled and honored to fight alongside you,


Jenny Beth Martin