When even immigrants from Cuba want socialism…

Recently, I read a news story about how even some Cuban-American millennials are being swept up by the idea of socialism – even though their own parents escaped from the socialism in Cuba!1



This is why our effort to really and truly educate Americans on the realities of socialism is so necessary, and why we need your help to make it happen.


The young man at the center of the story was Republican as a teen and joined a conservative college group, but surprise, surprise, the more time he spent in college, the further left he moved.

“Course readings led him to question his beliefs further. He started attending left-leaning campus events… By year’s end, he had developed a disdain for capitalism and the political right. Now the sociology and geography major wants sweeping reforms, including Medicare for all, free access to higher education and a Green New Deal.”

The story and the young socialist try to put the blame on the recession, but had he not been spoon-fed socialism in college, it is unlikely he would have turned to socialism as a legitimate solution.


The unfortunate fact is, you and I have to compete with the billion-dollar industry that is education and academia, to teach young Americans the truth about socialism, and Tea Party Patriots Action cannot do that without your support of $25 or $50 today.


Help me put on the biggest anti-socialist rally America has seen in a long time, and help us build out our training module on socialism and capitalism so that we have a fighting chance to Stop Socialism and Choose Freedom!

I can’t do it without you,


Jenny Beth Martin