Which is the Real Budget?

Another Budget Another Sinking Feeling

As has become a tradition for the Blair Brown Regime, a new Budget has been announced that quietly buried stealth taxes and then started to rapidly unravel as economists and journalists began to read the small print. That may be a tradition now, but this is the first Blair Brown Regime budget to have other Budgets hiding behind it.

It was a Fake Budget for a Fake Government

When Chancellor Darling stood up, there was some expectation that he might prove to be his own man and deliver a Budget with integrity. Moments into his speech it became clear that this would be another collection of lies, half truths, deceptions, frauds, evasions and omissions. Darling used his familiar style of address that soon had listeners dozing off. This seems to be a deliberate ploy to bore the audience and then claim it was all their fault for not listening.

The Budget Speech could be fairly summarized as: The Blair Brown regime believes that;
The only economic problems are those caused by other countries and that they can be solved by throwing borrowed money at those problems;
Britain will bounce back into vigorous growth automatically and pay off the 1.3 trillion pounds of debt;
The rich can be taxed till the pips squeak;
The rich are people earning more than £20,000 per year;
The voters are too stupid to notice the new stealth taxes including a rise in income tax;
There is no need to worry about reducing debt levels.

On the day of the budget people started to notice the unannounced taxes and the black holes in the budget.

Some believed that it was a fake Budget and therefore could be ignored.

Then on the next day, Darling admits that he had really planned on massive cuts immediately after the General Election, giving the game away that the sole purpose of the Budget was to defraud voters and once the Blair Brown Regime was back in power, the cuts would be made and yet more taxes and tax increases would be applied.

That was all dishonest but the greater crime was that the new Chancellor-in-Waiting Ed Balls is preparing for his first Budget to be delivered with in days of the Blair Brown Regime regaining power.

It appears that the Balls Budget will concentrate on massive tax rises and further extensions of public employment to create a Soviet Workers Paradise (or Nighthmare) with increased borrowing in the hope that eventually the economy will recover before the debtors demand repayment.

The only bright hope is that the Blair Brown Regime will be thrown out of power and democracy can be restored in Britain.


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