Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mrs Hitler?


Reich Kanzler Merkel has let it be known that she expects nothing less than total and unconditional British surrender. Seems we heard that before from a Reich Kanzler and he ended up being burnt on a rubbish tip outside his bunker.


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Ahead of the EUSSR budget meeting, Merkel has let it be known that she expects total surrender by Britain and the passing of the grossly inflated EC budget.

The threats are vague.

There is a suggestion that she can replace Prime Ministers, having already done that in Greece and Italy.

Alternatively, she has suggested that she will throw Britain out of the EUSSR.

Nigel Farage, Leader UK Independence Party has suggested that the latter is not a threat so much as an opportunity for Britain.

Come off it Mrs Hitler. Germany does not have the power to decide who can stay or who is thrown out of the EUSSR and neither can anyone else because the EUSSR has no mechanism for ejecting any Member State. Neither is there any specified mechanism for a Member State to leave if it wishes. In the British case, and for many Member States, the leaving mechanism is with the Member State which can pass legislation repudiating the various EUSSR Treaties and declaring primacy of the Member State’s laws.

Merkel has also indicated that Britain cannot participate in the Single Market, except as a subjugated EUSSR republik. OK, so Britain would have to block imports from the EU in return. That sounds like a great deal for Britain which imports significantly more from Europe than it exports, and current trends show British exports to financially ravaged European countries is rapidly reducing, but exports to non EUSSR countries is rapidly increasing.

With France now exposed as the greatest economic risk to the EuroZone, the number of EUSSR countries that can afford to import goods from anywhere is dramatically reducing. What they all desperately need is markets that will take their goods.

The greatest threat that Cameron faces is looking down the Thames from the top of a pike if he comes back with anything less than total victory.

Dan X

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